• SECUtec ST-S372 Electronic Card Punch Time Attendance Machine

S372 Paper Card Time Punch Machine, Auto Card Feed, 2 Color Printing, Battery Backup, LCD Display


S372 is a most efficient fast speed paper card punch machine with simple and very convenient operation, micro-processor controlled, LCD display, 9 pin two color printing, ultra quite printing, auto suction of card, both side printing on card with false side detection, auto-shifts, and many more functions. S372 may connect with electrical bell. S372+ model available with optional backup battery.



  • LCD displays the present “time”, “date” and “day of week”
  • Set by six-button with the reminder of LED and PIEZO
  • The print head with 9 pins arrangement, high quality, and print 12-hour (AM/PM) or 24-hour time
  • Auto card feed, print and eject card. Differentiate front and back of a double-sided time Card
  • Two colors of printing, Late-In/Early-Out will be printed in red, and normal will be printed in black
  • Pay period can be set weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly
  • Two “hour” format: 12 or 24 hours, two minute format: 60 or 100 minutes
  • Build-in melody, also with the output signal to the external ring bell or any alarm device
  • Using password to prevent unauthorized person to change setting
  • Battery Backup available in S372+ model

ModelST-S372 / ST-S372+
Power supply12V DC
Operating Temperature-10°C ~ +45°C
Humidity 10% ~ 80% Relative
Card Size 186 x 86mm
Weight 2.3Kg
Dimension 186 x 125 x 239mm
Download Datasheet >> pdf

SECUtec ST-S372 Electronic Card Punch Time Attendance Machine

  • Brand: SECUtec
  • Model: ST-S372
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