Professional IP camera software.

It allows you to build an IP video surveillance system of any size, from just one to an unlimited number of IP cameras.
We recommend that intelligent modules be used to improve the video surveillance system's functionality that you may optionally connect for any number of IP cameras.

Below, three software versions and a list of intelligent modules have been provided.

1 - ML Version:

A great solution for creating smaller systems with up to 20 IP cameras.

  • 1-20 IP Cameras
  • 2 Workstations
  • 2 Servers

The ML version does not support intelligent modules.

2 - LS Version:

The version for creating IP video surveillance systems of 1 to 80 IP cameras.

  • 1-80 IP Cameras
  • 10 Workstations
  • 5 Servers
  • Intelligent Modules

The LS version allows you to connect your choice of intelligent modules to any quantity of cameras.

3 - ST Version:

This version permits an unlimited number of IP cameras to be connected to a video surveillance system.

  • Unlimited numbers IP Cameras
  • Unlimited numbers Workstations
  • Unlimited numbers Servers
  • Intelligent Modules

The ST version comes with free face detection, interactive search and interception, left luggage and tracking modules. Other modules may be connected to an unlimited number of IP cameras.

Intelligent Modules:

In order to expand the functionality of the video surveillance system, you may connect intelligent modules to Macroscop's IP camera software.

1 - Tracking module:

The tracking module enables a user to track moving objects in a camera's

field of view. A user can draw a checking line and its intersection by an

object will be signaled by an alarm on a monitor. In addition, an alarm will

be on if an object intersects a selected zone or stays there for a long

time. A user can search an archive for alerts or video fragments with an

intersected checking line or zone.

2 - People Counting Module:

The people counting module enables a user to identify the number people

entering it or exiting from the building in real time mode and also to 

generate statistics of people staying in a building,. Such reports may be 

generated for any period of time from one or several cameras.

3 - Face Detection Module:

The face detection module is aimed at automatic face selection from a camera's video stream.

  • You can watch video fragments, displaying the moments of face recognition
  • You can watch video fragments, displaying the moments of the required object caught on a camera
  • You can search and display all the faces detected during a specified period of time on a monitor

4 - Heat Map Module:

Heat Map is especially actual for retail and transportation infrastructure. It

allows to estimate the motion activity, identify where are main streams of 

people. As a result the area with maximum traffic density is highlighted in 

red and with minimal in green.

5 - People Counting In Clusters Module:

Can prevent dangerous moments, riots on streets, squares, parks, railway 

stations, shopping malls and other public places. This function automatically 

notifies an operator if the number of people in the zone exceeds a 

predetermined value. It is possible to set two thresholds and messages will be 

generated as Warning and an Alarm.

6 - Car Plates Recognition Module:

The car plates recognition module is aimed at automatic recognition of car 

plates in camera view zones. 

A special version for parking lots can be used to monitor entrance and exit of 

cars from the territories of a factory, parking lots, and toll roads. 

The highway version can be used to monitor cars on roads of W68EOA different levels

7 - Objects Interception Module:

Object interception module is a unique product of our company. It enables a 

user to mark the required object as an intercepted one, and when this or 

similar object enters the camera views, the system sends an alarm signal.

To enable this function you should select it in a menu. A window with 

interception model will pop-up, and you can download a model from a file 

(e.g. a photo) or take a model from Macroscop archive, select cameras with 

enabled Macroscop movement indexation. As soon as a similar to a model object 

enters the camera views, the system will send an alarm signal to an operator.


IP Camera Software Advantages:

Quick installation

No special admin or programming skills are required to install Macroscop. Initial installation and set-up of VMS should not take more than 10 minutes.

Four times more Reliability

Exclusive compressed video analysis technology quadruples data processing speeds by virtue of not needing to decode the stream. You can either save on computer equipment or just install more cameras on the server.


This IP video surveillance software has been tested by time and proven its stability in many real-world facilities, to which the positive feedback we receive from both installers and users attests.

User-friendly Interface

The VMS IP camera monitoring interface is intuitive for any user, permits quick system configuration for any number of servers and IP cameras, and instantly finds any information required for the specified parameters.


VMS IP camera control software works with any IP camera (more than 2,500 models from over 110 brands, ONVIF support). There is no limit to how large your system can be. Integrating an access control and management system and fire and alarm system into Macroscop brings the entire security system into a unified control center.

Mobile Apps

Watch video from cameras via the free mobile apps we've created for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, or your web browser from anywhere in the world.

Download Macroscop Broucher >> pdf